Not all those who wander are lost.
— J.R.R Tolkien


I am Rachel Byler, an artist and creator living in South Central Pennsylvania. I graduated from Messiah College in 2013 with a BS in Art Education. Shortly after, I got married and settled into a house where my husband and I live with our german shepherd Beorn and our four cats Pippin, Kovu, Timber, and Baloo. A full house and yes we vacuum a lot! ( :

Although I love all types of art, I am particularly drawn to watercolor because of the versatility that it allows as far as being able to pick up and paint wherever. I love having to work with the flow of the water. The most beautiful washes and blooms come about when you give more control to the movement of the water. Green is my absolute favorite color. Sap green and phthalo green almost always work their way into each of my paintings. My inspiration comes from nature. I like to study and recreate the gorgeous masterpieces I find outdoors. I also have been impacted very deeply by books and lore. I grew up reading The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and other various fantasy books. I find that J.R.R Tolkien's works inspire me daily and helped shape my imagination and creativity.

Thanks to my best friend/husband I am now working full time as an artist and am loving it! I spend each day in my studio with the windows wide open lost in my imagination and thoughts. I strive always to improve and am constantly trying to grasp beauty and embrace imperfection. 

------> A note about my process <------ All of my art (with the exception of the Xlarge prints) is printed by me, here in the studio. By printing to order I am able to create a fresh print every time an order is placed. While this process is much more time consuming I find it's worth it, and can offer you the highest quality prints, custom sizes, and it allows me to inspect every single print.


Meet the cats of The Colorful Cat Studio!


two cats.jpg

THe Story Behind the name

It was a warm summer evening when I realized how much I had been missing painting. I pulled out all of my supplies and began sketching then painting our new kitten. I later posted the painting online and got a lot of positive feedback. It was a couple weeks later that my husband encouraged me to open an Etsy shop for fun on the side. So with that first painting in mind, so began the Coloful Cat Studio. We later decided that I should try painting full time, and so I am!